Psychic Predictions 2017 Part I: Skype Dance Craze, Robot Unicorns, Major Quake, Banking Crisis, Global War, Political Swimsuits, Astronomy Enlightenment Period, and More!

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Psychic Predictions 2017 Part I

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Skype Dance Craze, Robot Unicorns, Major Quake, Banking Crisis, Global War, Political Swimsuits, Astronomy Enlightenment Period, and More!

World Predictions 2017

Global Conflict Escalates

A global war of unprecedented proportions will be brewing this winter. I predicted in January 2016 that “An international conflict escalates into worldwide war by the summer of 2017, but doesn’t become an official World War until October…The war begins in mainland Europe, an extension of conflicts brewing in the Middle East and Syria. Russia is a party but takes advantage of the war by grabbing territory in the Southern Caucasus region…”

Europe: Spotlight on Russia & Eastern Europe

Russian soldiers will march into Latvia. There will be more than one parallel to World War II in several of the events to come in 2017. Putin’s army finds it difficult to move into Estonia due to the politics in that region. Russian military will continue to encroach westward, at times unencumbered and unrestrained. European allies will make threats and place an embargo. This Second Cold War will remain in limbo for many months.

World War III is unfortunately inevitable, and will be more apparent by the beginning of next year. In January we will have officially entered into a World War, which could put a damper on Brexit at just a time when the EU will need Great Britain, and Great Britain will need the EU. The world will be called to embrace unity at just a time when many of our countries and alliances are attempting to divide.


Aerial view of Japan, a country that will feature prominently in economic and political news in 2017

There could be an attack in South Korea in 2017. Tensions rise in east Asia by March.

I see dust in the air in South Korea and in the subways of  Seoul, with people holding kerchiefs over their mouths and noses to protect themselves from breathing toxic inhalants during some kind of foreign attack. Security problems in Asia will take attention away from Putin’s attempted encroachment into Eastern Europe. Kim Jong-Un will be working harder to repress increased rebellions in North Korea. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will be making threats toward South Korea and Japan, but it is North Korea that takes action toward launching an attack on Japan.

Japan will be vulnerable, asking for help from the US. But it looks like we neglect and abandon them, putting Japan at risk of another atomic attack. Political instability in Asia will affect Japan’s economy, resulting in a recession. Canada will step up in defense of Japan. Canada will be become a moral guide to many in the US, especially in matters of foreign affairs.

Penguins will be newsworthy

Expect to hear more about increased effects of climate change and disintegration of glaciers in North Pole and Antarctica.  Ocean levels rise, in some places by an inch or more, gradually overtaking coastal regions and islands such as Haiti.

Politicians will put forward proposals for major changes in labour and immigration laws in Australia, but will be met with resistance. These proposals will move forward in about two to three years, resulting in less weekly work hours for full-time employees.

Middle East

I see an attack on an Israeli train.

I have a vision of Palestinian migration, with sections of the territory becoming empty, craterous, dark pockets of uninhabitable land.

In Syria there will be two groups in control: one in the North and one in the South, the latter being more bellicose than its northern neighbour. This antagonism splits the country in two.

There are seeds of civil war developing in Iraq, and we will hear more about the split in this country throughout 2018. Cold war tensions in Iran will produce an increase in nuclear testing. Nuclear threats come three times and then subside.


In South Africa, I see a President being forced to resign.

There will be rising tensions and injustices in Central Africa. In Sudan, I see increased violence against women, as well as counterespionage within rebel forces. In Lybia, there is a dispute over corn that erupts into violence. In Northeast Africa mothers will cry amidst famine and kidnapping. 

Latin America

revolutionary musical period will develop in Colombia and other regions of South and Central America. A new yet troubled political leadership rises to power in Brazil and Venezuela. A peace movement emerges in Peru, making Lima more hippie-progressive.

Travel restrictions to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands will follow a microbe outbreak

Some cruise lines will postpone trips to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands due to a highly contagious, bacteria-infested plague that flourishes in hot and humid regions.

Entertainment Predictions 2017

2017 will be a monumental year for music, with a dance craze where people dance together from all over the globe through an online group forum like Skype. A post-ska movement, including ska-inspired ’80s music such as Madness and The Specials, will become popular.

Chess will be back in the spotlight

Theme parks of the future will include art-making centres and, eventually, music workshops. Because of intermittent internet blackouts occurring by next summer, we will see a return to the popularity of board games, chess, especially street chess, and backgammon.

A return to Ska

There will be ‘Musical Chairs’ in the shape of a guitar that play music when you sit on them. This and many other future furniture creations will be musically interactive.

Bruce Springsteen will have a heart issue, slowing down his live performances. Dave Matthews will be making a comeback with a new album. Billy Joel will experience both a health crisis and simultaneous artistic rebirth. Many Woodstock-style charity benefit concerts featuring bands from the 70s, 80s, and 90s will act as political protest forums. 2017, and especially 2018, will have a lot in common with 1969. The difference is that the focus of the fight will shift to issues of economic disparity and environmental injustice, although racial injustice and gender equality issues will still be at the forefront.


In future tennis news, a highly competitive match in Wimbledon makes major news this year because a very young, light-haired woman from Eastern Europe who currently lives in England will break a major record.

Film & TV

Speaking of records, we’ll be hearing news of a 2018 musical bio-pic starring Lady Gaga as Barbara Streisand, as well as plans for a film version of Hamilton.

 Science & Technology Predictions 2017

A significant global movement of unified scientists will push for the urgency of space travel development.

The acceleration of climate change will begin to hasten space exploration. In time, space travel will save many humans from global threats such as nuclear war and competition with artificial intelligence for planetary resources.

There will be a gonorrhea epidemic.

new molecule will be created in a lab, a hybrid between nature and technology that has the potential to help with many neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and ALS.

The invention of unicorn and faerie robots will inspire an increase in the publication of new fairy tales, as well as a renewed interest in the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

We will see robots designed to look like mythological creatures such as robot unicorns and  faeries.

Archaeologists, working in tandem with biologists, will discover a new animal phylum. The addition of this upcoming phylum will make us rethink our treatment of animals.

Studies will show that humans are evolving to adapt to some chemicals.

Spotlight on Environment: Quakes & Floods

In the summer, there will be a heat wave, so hot that parts of the Middle East and other places will experience a melting of asphalt.

A major earthquake will rock California early in the year. The biggest since the San Francisco quake of 1906, this tremor is most likely on the San Andreas fault. At first seismologists estimate it as 8.7, but it is later downgraded to about a 7.3.  I see two epicenters on two different dates, possibly February and October: one looks like Northern California; the other, somewhere east of San Luis Obispo. The biggest US headlines for 2017 look like “quake” and “arms race”.

Expect more flooding in 2017

There will be flooding at high levels in various regions. Great news for those of you who like to swim but don’t have space for a pool! For more details, see swimsuit fashion predictions below.


Fashion Predictions 2017

Argyle, nature-inspired, and buttoned sweater vests will be a fad in the winter of 2017.

In the Spring, we’ll see flowing dresses covered with fitted vests. Look for summer swimsuits with political graphics. Men’s fall fashion will include sweater vests and old-fashioned hats. Brooches and pins come back into style. Get used to seeing bolero neckties again, which means a comeback of Western Wear is not far behind. Further into the future, Native American jewellery, particularly turquoise, will be as mainstream as diamonds. Semi-precious gemstones will slowly become more revered for their energetic and symbolic qualities, even more so than their aesthetic value.

A return of houndstooth capes in 2017, similar to the 1970s version seen here from Lanvin Haute Couture

Brown Houndstooth capes, some with fur trim, will come into style by fall and winter.

Look for shoes that have vibrating massagers in their soles to come out in a year or two, and to become more popular by three or four years from now. When walking becomes more relaxing and rewarding, I might be motivated to do more of it!

Visits to camping stores and the purchase of RVs will become less of a hobby and more of a mainstream activity.

Clothing will be designed for portability and will be trending toward compact, easily packable fabrics. In fact, much of what you see next year will be designed with travel in mind. Expect a big trend toward backpacking and an unprecedented exploration and appreciation of nature as never before see in modern history. Our reverence for the planet is about to get big.

Economy Predictions 2017: Sneak Preview

Global Banking Crisis

A major banking crisis, followed by a housing crisis, will emerge in 2017

A building tension in the British Parliament will result in a Bank of England crisis.

Rising conflict in the Middle East only further destabilises the international banking system, allowing more conservative leaders to continue to be elected around the world under a platform of economic promises. Hackers will take advantage of this vulnerability and seek to further disrupt the global financial markets for personal gain. As catastrophic as these predictions might sound, it is only certain banks that are affected, many smaller banks are not, and the swinging of some major world powers to the extreme right will only be temporary.

In July, I predict some global currencies will be changing into another form.

In January, I see a panic buying followed by panic selling and a crash, followed by a February black hole. Get ready to party like it’s 1929.* (I had a dream in the summer of 2016 of a large red moon with an upside-down dollar sign that read “E. Pluribus Unim” backwards. Once I noticed the large harvest moon on the night of Presidential elections 2016, I connected the moon to my dream and realised it was the election that would instigate the upcoming economic crisis). Some of those responsible for the upcoming depression will blame it on terrorist attacks. I also see an image of a bear, which could mean a bear market, the Russian bear, or both.

The good news is that the  economic downturn will result in a call for long-term change in overturning global poverty. We will see many years of abundance in resources over our lifetime for having endured a short period of economic decline. Many will say it was worth the sacrifice.

In uplifting** financial news, there will be a movement beginning in 2017 to ban lobbyists from influencing US Congressmen. Stay tuned for more on US and Economy Predictions 2017 in Parts II and III…

**unless you are a lobbyist

Coming Soon!

US Predictions 2017

Stock Market & Economy Predictions 2017

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  1. Hi Dina, Please do not worry, I will be posting more updates on Eastern Europe in upcoming world predictions. Thank you for following the blog, and wishing you all the best in 2017.

  2. Shamee on April 3, 2017 at 1:51 pm said:

    Hi Shirley. I am South African and you are spot on- at the moment many citizens want the President to resign!

  3. Carolina on January 14, 2017 at 8:02 pm said:

    Any predictions regarding UFO’s in the near future?

  4. Shirley on January 13, 2017 at 1:42 am said:

    Here in the USA most of us are wondering if Donald Trump will actually take office, if so, will he be impeached or killed? Thanks for any info around this man.

  5. Hello and thank you for your blog. I read your posts regularly and with real interest, however the last one made me very worried as my family lives in Latvia and you predicted Russians marching in, can you please say more how do you predict it will play out. Also how do you see future of Europe and European Union after Brexit and Trump. Thank you and best wishes for new year.

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